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Can Ye Sew Cushions

  • Trad

    Hee-o, how-o, what'll I dae wi' ya
    Black's the life that I lead wi' ya
    Mony o' ya, little tae gie ya
    Hee-o, how-o, what'll I dae wi' ya

    O can ye sew cushions, and can ye sew sheets
    And can ye sing ballulow when the bairnie greets
    Singing hee and baw birdie, and hee and baw lamb
    Sing hee and baw birdie, my bonnie wee lamb

    Sing hush-a-baa lammie, sing hush-a-baa dear
    Sing hush-a-baa lammie, thy mammy is here
    The wild wind is raving, thy mammy is sair
    The wild wind is raving, but dinna ye care

    Now hush-a-baa lammie, now hush-a-baa dear
    This wee lammie ken that its daddy's not here
    You're rocking full sweetly on mammy's warm knee
    Your daddy is rocking all on the salt sea

    As sung by The Ian Campbell Folk Group

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1974:] Schottisches Wiegenlied aus dem 19. Jahrhundert. (Manfred Bonson, notes 'Scottish Folk Scene')

    [1992:] First printed in 1803 in Johnson's Scots Musical Museum. This version collected by Isla Cameron. (RG, UWP Archive,

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