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The Capitalist Dream

  • (Words & music Jeremy Taylor)

    Let me tell you 'bout this funny dream I had the other night
    Wasn't funny at the time, gave me quite a fright
    I'd had a hard day at the office fixing up a deal
    I was glad to drink a double Scotch before my evening meal
    And I said as my wife turned out the light
    I said, Well, honey, I'm gonna need my sleep tonight

    My head sank in the pillow and I dozed off right away
    Thinking about the deal I had been making in the day
    It was an eight per cent investment loan in a finance company
    I'd doubled up my stake in some onshore property
    And my oil shares rose two point in the day
    So really I was doing okay

    I dreamed I was invited by the board of EMI
    IBM invited me to join them by and by
    I got a call from General Motors, from Shell and IPC
    They all said they were looking for someone just like me
    So soon we were together holding hands
    Dancing ring-a-ring-a-roses on the sand

    So round and round the cauldron we danced all through the night
    Singing loud hosannas, our future looked so bright
    Profit margins rocketed before our very eyes
    Our piggy banks in Switzerland reached right up to the skies
    And we sang with a loud and cheerful sound
    May peace and prosperity abound

    Then I looked into the cauldron, and there what did I see
    A million starving faces were staring up at me
    Get back into the pot, I cried, throwing in the salt
    Don't shake that angry fist at me, you know it's not my fault
    Just because you did not make it big
    That doesn't mean to say that I'm a pig

    Then I heard the cry of Indians looking for their land
    Saw whole herds of buffalo bein' slaughtered out of hand
    I heard the wail of Eskimoes in the darkness of their days
    Lamenting for the spirit of their old ancestral ways
    It's tough I said you couldn't stand the pace
    I was in a hurry but I needed all the space

    Then I saw a million eyes that shed a million tears
    I heard a million gunshots split a million ears
    I saw Hottentots and bushmen pleading on the sand
    A million voices crying out, We do not understand
    What else I said is there for you to know
    When you gotta go you gotta go

    Then a million fingers pointes straight at me
    A thousand dying species smiled reproachfully
    They said, Our loss is your loss, would you not be so vain
    Once we are destroyed we cannot come back again
    And when we are all vanished from our homes
    You'll have to make do with your garden gnomes

    Then rising from the cauldron came a sweaty hangman's rope
    The lying tongue of president, the conscience of a pope
    The furrowed brow of Protestant doing what he should
    The groaning loins of Calvinist just trying to be good
    The suicide whose business made a loss
    He just couldn't get a loan from his boss

    I saw the brain of tortured writer who died of mental cramp
    The methylated liver from the stomach of a tramp
    The tiny battered baby dashed onto the floor
    Mother at her wits' end couldn't take it any more
    The old man in the city so alone
    He'd prefer to stay inside a mental home

    And then I saw myself and I didn't want to know
    I was toothless at the dentist, eyeless at the show
    I was handless in the audience, tuneless at the score
    I was hairless at the barber, I was senseless on the floor
    I didn't have a partner at the ball
    I was oh so alone-e in the fall

    I was funless in the pleasure dome, sexless on the bed
    I was painless on the cross, I was brainless in the head
    I was childless at the christening, restless at the wake
    I was tearless at the burial, there was nothing left to take
    I'd reaped everything there was to sow
    There was nothing left that could grow

    So in the scented crematorium they stripped my body bare
    The ashes of my charred remains were scattered here and there
    Across this super-heated globe with its concrete super-crust
    I died my super-market death and turned to super-dust
    And the drive-in chapel priest was saying a prayer
    While all the lavish? congregation sat and stared

    Oh enough enough I cried, and cried, Don't show me any more
    I've seen enough I tell you, I'll give it to the poor
    Then I woke up - it was morning, the sun was in the sky
    Thank God it was a dream I said and heaved a heavy sigh
    And I called up my broker right away and said
    Mister Rawlinson, I'm in a buying mood today

    As sung by Iain MacKintosh

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