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Choose Your Time

  • (Words & music Allan Taylor)

    Leave as quietly as you came
    Gracefully choose your time

    If you think about leaving
    Do it quietly in the night
    So when I wake in the morning
    I'll find some comfort in sunlight

    You were quiet all evening
    Just watching the fire glow
    You looked as if you were dreaming
    And thinking maybe it's time to go

    So if it's time for the going
    You don't have to tell me why
    What's the point when I'm knowing
    It's too late for the long goodbye


Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1997:] [Written] in Metz, France, 1980. Sometimes the simplest of experiences can stimulate an idea strong enough to write a song. This song was inspired by the sound of Chinese Chimes (in German, Windspiele) which hung by the door of an apartment in which I once stayed, in Metz, France. I remember the day well as it was the day John Lennon was killed. Chinese Chimes are activated by the breeze; if someone enters or leaves the room the chimes sound and one knows without looking that someone has come or left. To leave someone without a word, but with something as gentle sounding as Chinese Chimes seemed to me the most grateful way to make one's farewell. (Taylor, Songs 23)

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