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Clichés (Politicians' Song)

  • (Michael McConnell)

      I'm very glad you asked me that for at this point in time
      In the circumstances that prevail it is in the pipeline
      Infrastructural implications interfaced with lines of thought
      Which lead to grassroot viabilities which at this point I'd rather not
      Enunciate in ambiguity but rather seek to find
      Negotiated compromises which are the bottom line
      So in the interest of the common good then you need have no fear
      I have the matter well in hand I'm glad I've made things clear

    Twenty fruitless years I worked in Glasgow town
    I was reporting for a newspaper, I was busy writing down
    All the words of politicians in my endless quest for truth
    It was in such a wasted exercise I squandered all my youth
    This was the cause of my misfortune as I'll explain to you
    Because I find myself now talking like politicians do
    So if anyone should ask me, do I take sugar in my tea
    I clasp him warmly by the hand and this is what I say

    As you can imagine this has greatly changed my life
    An example was the fateful day on which I wed my wife
    All went well till the moment when the priest said with a smile
    Do you take this woman for your wife? and quickly I replied

    I'm lying on my deathbed and I'm filled with mortal dread
    I know that very shortly I'll certainly be dead
    And when St Peter asks me do I want to come on in
    I'm sure to face damnation 'cause I know I'll say to him

    As sung by Iain MacKintosh


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  • [1999:] The word 'sesquipedalian' means either measuring a foot and a half or the addiction to the use of long [or cumbersome] words. (James Moss, letter to The Observer, 6 June)

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