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  • Words & Music Ewan MacColl

    1st chorus
    Against Batista, the Fidelistas
    Courage was their only armour
    As they fought at Fidel's side with Che Guevara

    The good ship Granma lies at anchor in the harbour
    Waiting for the evening tide to bring high water
    It's bound for Cuba she must go across the Gulf of Mexico
    And the Caribbean ocean
    She's carrying a human cargo, eighty-three good compañeros
    Each one burning with determination to be free

    Ten days on from Mexico these compañeros
    Landed on the Cuban beach Los Colorados
    Fidel said, This year we'll see our country and its people free
    Or else we'll be martyrs
    We've only guns enough for twenty, the enemy has arms a-plenty
    Meet him, then defeat him and he'll keep us well supplied

    Five weeks later in the canyon Del Arroyo
    The people's army numbered eighteen compañeros
    Hungry, weak, but unafraid, they're learning revolution's trade
    In the high Sierra Maestra
    And in the mountains winds are blowing bearing seeds of hope and sowing
    Crops and Cuban earth that mark the birth of victory

    2nd chorus:
    On compañeros, to El Uvero
    Courage was their only armour
    As they fought at Fidel's side with Che Guevara

    They fought their way across the peak of El Turquino
    Joined by peasant bands and men from Santiago
    They faced Batista's tanks and planes and drove them down into the plains
    From the high Sierra Maestra
    They drove the gangsters from Las Villas straight across the Cordilleras
    Santa Clara fell to Che Guevara and was free

    The fire lit on that Cuban beach by Fidel Castro
    Shines all the way to Tierra del Fuego
    Sparks are blown upon the breeze and men rise up from off their knees
    When they see the night is burning
    It blazes up in Venezuela, Bolivia and Guatemala
    Lights the road that men must go in order to be free

    Final chorus:
    On compañeros, Americanos
    For a peoples' free America
    Fidel has shown the way with Che Guevara

    As sung by Dick Gaughan

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1985:] Written by Ewan MacColl in honour of the Cuban Revolution, the first stage of the victory of the American peoples over Imperialism. (Notes Dick Gaughan, 'Live In Edinburgh')

  • See Peter G. Bourne, Fidel Castro

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