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Coorie Doon (Miner's Lullaby)

  • (Matt McGinn)

    Coorie doon, coorie doon
    Coorie doon, my darling
    Coorie doon the day
    Coorie doon, coorie doon
    Coorie doon, my darling
    Coorie doon the day

    Lie still, my dear, and in your ear
    To help ye close your eye
    I'll sing a song, a slumber song
    A miner's lullaby

    Your daddy's doon the mine, my darling
    Doon in the Curbly Main
    And he's howking coal, my darling
    For his ain wee wean

    There's darkness doon the mine, my darling
    Darkness, dust and damp
    But we must ha'e oor heat, oor light
    Oor fire and oor lamp

    Your daddy coories doon, my darling
    Doon in a three foot seam
    So you can coorie doon, my darling
    Coorie doon and dream

    As sung by Cilla Fisher & Artie Trezise

    (howking - mining)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1984:] In addition to the words, Matt McGinn created this deceptively simple tune, which hugs the tonic closely at every cadence and has a dream-like, near-hypnotic quality. "Coorie doon" means "snuggle down" as well as "crouch down", and so applies to both the child in bed and the miner in the pit. (Munro, Revival 64ff)

  • [1987:] 'Coorie Doon', or 'The Miner's Lullaby' is a typical McGinn idea; simple but telling. A child huddles in the warmth and security of the cot, while the father huddles in a three foot seam. Deep in the dark he sweats his life away to give life to his child. Sentimental? Not when you heard Matt sing it. (Jimmie McGregor, McGinn of the Calton 7)

  • [1990:] Janette and Matt had four children and many of the best songs were written for them. This was one of two songs that came out of a visit to a Yorkshire pit in 1962. (Notes Stramash, 'McGinn of the Calton')

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