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The Red Corvette

  • (John McCutcheon)

    This morning as I read my paper
    In search of a new set of wheels
    My newspaper ahd a most curious ad
    In its listing of automobiles

    I smiled with suspicious amusement
    At what looked like a great stroke of luck
    Corvette - it said - low mileage, bright red
    Ninety-four model, sixty-five bucks

    I'm used to my newspaper's errors
    But I called up the number straightway
    About the Corvette - have you sold the car yet?
    She said, No, you're my first call today

    I said, There's been a mistake in the paper
    They printed the price wrong somehow
    No, they haven't, said she, They got that from me
    I said, Don't sell - I'm leaving right now

    Her home was in part of the city
    Where I'd ventured just one time or two
    Where doctors, bank presidents, lawyers were residents
    And the houses were massive and huge

    As I pulled up the half mile of driveway
    There, in the heat of the day
    In the sunshine it gleamed, the car of my dreams
    Only sixty-five dollars away

    The interior was done in red leather
    The engine a massive V8
    A white cabrio top like new from the shop
    And the hi-fi sounded just great

    There was chrome od the chrome on the chromium
    There was an aerodynamic design
    It had a bar, a TV, and - amazing to me
    For sixty-five bucks it was mine

    I thought that woman was crazy
    Selling the car at that price
    As we walked down the lane she seemed perfectly sane
    She was charming and really quite nice

    And she smiled with great satisfaction
    As she handed me papers and keys
    I said, I've just got to know why you let this thing go
    What's wrong with the car, tell me please

    She said, I'll be sixty on Tuesday
    I've lived here with my husband Earl
    After thirty years wed without a word said
    He's run off with some silly young girl

    But he left his credit cards behind him
    So I knew that he wouldn't get far
    Last night, from Capri, he faxed this to me
    I need money, dear, sell the car

    As sung by Iain MacKintosh

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