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Crazy Man

  • Words & music Allan Taylor

    I have no answers, don't ask me why
    Maybe some day soon it will all come clear
    By and by and by

    There was a crazy man lived by the sea
    He'd stand on the beach as still as a tree
    The wind beat his body, the salt burnt his face
    But the crazy man he loved that place

    The people thought he was some kind of sage
    Who had wisdom from another age
    They turned to him to show them the way
    But the crazy man had nothing to say

    They grew angry and asked him again
    Pleading for answers, he gave them none
    He just whispered looking out at the sea
    Look to yourselves and not to me

    And so they beat him and drove him away
    He has failed us, they were heard to say
    They were afraid and did not understand
    He was just a crazy man

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  • nichts / nothing

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