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The Curragh Of Kildare

  • Robert Burns

    And it's straight I will repair
    To the Curragh of Kildare
    For it's there I'll find tidings of my dear

    Ah the winter it is past and the summer's come at last
    And the birds they are singing in the trees
    Their little hearts are glad, ah but mine is very sad
    Since my true love is far away from me

    The rose upon the briar and the waters running deep
    Bring joy to the linnet and the bee
    Their little hearts are blest, ah but mine can know no rest
    Since my true love is far away from me

    For those who are in love and cannot be denied
    I pity the pains that you do endure
    For experience lets me know that your hearts are full of woe
    A woe that no mortal can cure

    A livery I'll wear, ah and I'll tie back my hair
    And in velvet so green I will appear
    And it's straight I will repair to the Curragh of Kildare
    For it's there I'll find tidings of my dear

    As sung by Noel Murphy

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1968:] [This was] said by Dean Christie, who included it in his collection of 'Traditional Ballad Airs' in 1876, to have been written about a highwayman called Johnston, who was hanged in 1750 for robberies committed on the Curragh, the open headland that stretches to the East of Kildare. (Bill Leader, notes 'Finbar and Eddie Furey')

    [1979:] Taken down at different times by collectors like Petrie and Joyce, this song has been published with a set of lyrics known in Scotland and one of Irish origin. Different airs were in use with this 18th century song. (Loesberg II, 67)

    [1984:] The sorrow of a Glasgow woman whose man is soldiering on the Curragh; she contemplates disguise and enlistment. Arranged into this particular version [from the Robert Burns version] by Donal Lunny and myself about 1962. (Christy Moore Song Book 6)


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