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Dance As You Go

  • (Words & music Colleen Eccleston)

    Dance as you go, dance as you go
    And you'll find your heart is lighter on the dark and dusty road
    Dance as you go, dance as you go
    And you'll find your feet are lighter, get you there before you know

    Thunder on the rails at the age of seventeen
    Hungry for horizons I wandered off to dream
    Though now I'm feeling settled, never lonely or alone
    When I think of all the places I can freely call my home

    On the mornings when I didn't watch the light take to the skies
    The world entire would turn to grey and right before my eyes
    Pressure took to building and I was nearly cooked
    Till I realised simplicity was what I overlooked

    Time rages ever onward, the map of life is drawn
    And deeper still the well of days that I can draw upon
    Bird song on the breeze and a smile upon my face
    Life is full of treasures no riches could replace - so

    As sung by James Keelaghan

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