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Dancing Days

  • (John Conolly / Bill Meek)

    The journeyman fiddler's hand is still
    No more he'll play the rover
    The piper sleeps beneath the hill
    And dancing days are over

    When we were lads of long ago the dance was all our pleasure
    The lively breaks and the friendly face, the music and the measure
    'Twas in and out and round about and swing her down the middle
    The rousing ranting rattling drum, the music of the whistle

    And in the gloomy winter day the sky was like a cinder
    My boots along the alleyway, they ran like flint and tinder
    I danced to drive the dark away, to break the ties that bound me
    And through the mirk and through the rain the sparks they danced around me

    The dancing days are dying now, the music loud and crazy
    The lads and lassies don't know how to move their bodies easy
    There ain't the men to make the tunes, there ain't the boys to play them
    A bunch of boys to make a noise and fifty fools to pay them

    Five and forty years are gone since we were lads and leaping
    The dancing feet are weary now, the smiling eyes are weeping
    Where are the dancing Englishmen who sang for celebration
    When England learns to dance again she'll prove a wiser nation

    As sung by The McCalmans

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