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Dark Iniseoghain

  • Trad

    The maidens of beauty and swains so forlorn
    That carelessly wander away from your home
    I am off by the moonlight and break of the morning
    I'll be found in the mountains of dark Iniseoghain

    I strayed to a place they call sweet Clonmany
    In search of a fair one that I might adore
    But a maiden to love me I couldn't find any
    From Meendoran Bridge to the Gap of Mamore

    Many's the colleen I cast my eye over
    From Mary of Malin to the rose of Moville
    All sweet were their smiles and eyes filled with laughter
    But sure in the end was myself waiting still

    At the Bay of Culdaff where the wild waves are breaking
    Carndonagh with forest clad mountains and hills
    I sat but in vain with a heart that was aching
    For one who my dreams of a bride would fulfil

    But then in the shades of old Barnan I found you
    That valley o'ershadowed by mountains so grand
    And I prayed that god's angels would ever protect you
    And I placed a keepsake in your little white hand

    And now I am stationed in County Fermanagh
    Far from the fair one that I do adore
    But when I return it will be to my dear one
    That I left in the mountains of dark Iniseoghain

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