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Dark Island

  • (Ian MacLachlan / W. Gordon Smith)

    Come again, come again, sings the sandpiper's song
    Come back to the island where you belong
    And the isle that is home wherever you stray
    Will blossom its flowers in welcome one day

    The tide's on the turn and the boat must away
    And your sad eyes reveal what the heart cannot say
    Every step to the quay is a mile of the way
    From the island that can't stop you leaving today

    Oh load up the boat and we'll cast her away
    See the waves show their teeth on the rocks in the bay
    Turn your back on the hills, turn your face to the sea
    Turn away from the island you're leaving today

    Oh the water is deep, watch the waves turn to grey
    And the islands astern, a lifetime away
    You can turn to the hills, you can just see the way
    Turn and smile to the island you're leaving today

    As sung by The Islanders

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Quelle: Scotland

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