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Darkness In The Valley

  • (Allan Taylor)

    There's Darkness in the Valley,but Light upon the Hill
    With Jesus here to Guide Me,I Guess He always will,
    He'll Help Me if I Stumble,Hold Me should I Fall,
    For He is always Near Me, whenever I may Call.
    Whenever I May Call,Whenever I May Call,
    For He is always Near Me whenever I may Call.

    We'll Walk the Path Together & nothing will I Fear,
    He'll Comfort Me in Darkness if Shadows do Appear,
    But if My Burden's Heavy,He'll Help Me with My Load,
    And We will Journey onward,along the Rocky Road.
    Along the Rocky Road,Along the Rocky Road,
    And We will Journey Onward,along the Rocky Road

    There are Those Who Live in Weakness,& Take His Name in Vain,
    And Those Who Wander off the Path & Live the Life of Shame
    But if We chose to Love Him & take His Shining Sword,
    We'll Stand at Armaggedon,and Battle for the Lord.
    And Battle for the Lord,and Battle for the Lord,
    We'll Stand at Armaggedon,and Battle for the Lord.

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • on Thu, 6 Jun 2002 22:32:57 +0100 (GMT Daylight Time)    "John" wrote :
    Re- Darkness In The Valley

    Sorcha told me you had this song listed but no lyrics. Someone posted them for me on Mudcat so I thought I'd pass them on in case you wanted them.

    Regards John

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