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The Day We Won The All Ireland

  • (Tommy Sands)

    And the cheering like thunder rolled
    The flags they flew on every pole
    And we sang and danced the whole way home
    On the day we won the All Ireland

    Remember that September, it's never far away
    Rising up early in the morning
    Sandwiches all ready from the night before
    And now the final hour is dawning

    The Dublin women crying, Hats and colours for the game
    Hill Sixteen is going crazy
    The Artane Band are playing, we're ready for the fray
    The ball is in and now the battle's raging

    I can see the neighbours, their heads have gone astray
    For years they haven't spoken to each other
    Now they both are crying, they're in each other's arms
    I can't believe my eyes, we are the Champions

    The years keep rolling onwards and new ones come along
    But these are the days we will remember
    The game it passed so quickly but the memories carry on
    And somehow it has changed us all forever

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1995:] I stood with my son Fionan watching with admiration and wonder as the county team trained for the All Ireland. Faster and faster they ran, panting, sweating, shouting encouragement to each other, up the side of the Mournes. I couldn't help but admire the great force that motivated them and drove them upwards towards the Mount Olympus called Cloch Mor. In a sense, they seemed to be suffering for the very hills and valleys they would represent with such pride in Croke Park. Later when they would return in triumph to their home village and county with the Sam Maguire Cup, those same hills would cheer without ceasing. Dedicated to all the great sportsmen and women who reach for the sky and bring the rest of us with them. (Notes Tommy Sands, 'The Heart's A Wonder')

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