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D-Day Dodgers

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  • [2002:] After the war a selection [of songs collected by him] appeared in his first book, Ballads Of World War II - A Collection Of Songs In Five Languages. A number were reconditioned and finalised by Henderson himself - notably The D-Day Dodgers, about British soldiers in Italy. Former captain Denis Healey recently sang it on television and it brought him to tears. (Timothy Neat, Obituary Hamish Henderson, The Guardian, 11 Mar)

  • [2002:] Henderson [...] published Ballads of World War II, a bawdy and vituperative collection of soldiers' songs, which included some of his own very fine war-time compositions, most notably Ballad of the D-Day Dodgers and Highland Division's Farewell to Sicily. In order to evade the censor, it was published "privately" under the auspices of the fictitious "Lili Marlene Club (Glasgow)", but the book earned him the self-righteous wrath of [Director-General] Lord Reith and associates at the BBC, and he was prevented from making a series of programmes on ballad-making. In fact, he was kept off state radio for ten years because of this publication and because (as an ex-intelligence officer) he had been "ranting red revolution", as he once put it. (Raymond Ross, Obituary Hamish Henderson, The Scotsman, 11 Mar)


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