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The Devil's Only Daughter

  • (Brian McNeill)

    For still I love you best of all and we never shall be parted
    We've won this far together and we'll finish what we started
    You're the devil's only daughter
    But to leave you now would leave me broken-hearted
    So I'll tell you now I love you best of all

    Noo I've had a drink or two, just enough to tell you true
    So if you'd keep frae interruptin' me again
    You're quarter saint and quarter witch and half cantankerous auld bitch
    So haud yer tongue while I'm trying to explain
    For it's time we fell to talking, you and I
    For every time I take a dram I hear you curse
    That you saved me frae the gutter - but then I kept you frae the pawn
    And it seems to me the bargain could be worse

    God knows I've been untrue - how many times I wish I knew
    You'd be as well tae count the stars up in the sky
    But if the truth be there tae tell you bring them tae my bed yersel'
    So you can laugh whene'er you hear me tell the lie
    You've watched me singing songs to painted jades and faithless whores
    And I've watched you and I've wondered at the game
    For you know the score damn fine, between the lassies and the wine
    I'll be back without a penny tae my name

    I hae stolen frae your eyes every tear you ever cried
    And I've gathered them tae see what they might bring
    For the turning o' the year can win the winter o' your tears
    To the promise o' a harvest in the spring
    So though you're old and bruised and battered, sit ye down upon my knee
    And we'll take another glass before we go
    Put your head upon my shoulder, lay your back against my breast
    And hae patience while I rosin up your bow

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1988:] Winner of the Legal and General Songsearch competition in 1987, being chosen from over 3.000 entries. [...] It is simply a lovesong with a twist in the 'tailpiece'. (BBS121)

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