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  • (Words & music Colum Sands)
    If you're looking for directions but you know you've lost your way
    Perhaps you'll pay attention to these words I have to say
    I lost my way to Ballymastrae on a day I`ll never forget
    And I had to ask directions from everyone I met

    The trouble really staret at a crossroads where I met
    A man who staggered out the pub, he was smoking a cigarette
    He leaned against my window like a man with time to spare
    And through the smoke I heard these words, Ah, you're a stranger here

    Do you see that road in front of you that's forking to the right
    Whatever you do, don't take that road or you'll drive about all night
    No, just you keep on going till you see a pub called Pat's
    Go straight around the corner and ask anyone after that

    Round the bend I drove myself but I dodn't see a soul
    Till I met a man with a bicycle, he was wheeling a bag of coal
    His face was red and swollen and his back tyre it was flat
    I knew I'd have to ask him - I was lost and that was that

    Could you tell me the way to Ballymastrae? He said, Give us the price of a beer
    I handed over a couple of quid, I thought the deal was fair
    These pickled words of wisdom then he whispered in my ear
    If I was going to Ballymastrae I wouldn't start from here

    A woman tied to a little dog next heard my appeal
    As she leaned on my window as her dog leaned on my wheel
    She said, Ballymastrae is a lovely place, sure it's even in a song
    But I'm very sad to tell you that you couldn't be further wrong

    Because you've come across the river and you really had no call
    In fact, you shouldn't have crossed the bridge at all, at all, at all
    Her dog had reached my fourth wheel as I put my car in gear
    Said I, I'm getting out of here before he finds the spare

    Never ask a couple unless you're looking for a fight
    One will send you to the left and the other one to the right
    I left a pair at loggerheads, and then my blood ran cold
    Wheeling round the corner came the man with the bag of coal

    Ah, now you're really lost, said he, and there's just yourself to blame
    You drove away the minute I started to explain
    But I'll tell you now for nothing if you take me and my load
    I'll show you where you're going and it won't be off your road

    It was half an hour later we reached his granny's lane
    And there we left the bag of coal and headed on again
    He left me with directions an hour after that
    At a petrol pump with a pub attached - and the name of the pub was Pat's

    When I reached my destination, I was a broken man
    But a lesson I learned that day, I'll share it if I can
    If you're going to Ballyshannon, Ballymastrae or Ballylap
    If you're going to Bally anywhere, buy a bally map

    As sung by Iain MacKintosh

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