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Don't Call Me Early In The Morning

  • (Words & music Tommy Sands)

    Don't call me early in the morning
    Call me what you want to but leave me alone
    Don't call me early in the morning
    Just leave me till the cows are coming home

    A man or a woman they need the relaxation
    From rising always at the dawn
    And the heart of the matter, tomorrow is a Saturday
    And I'll be lying lying on

    Sad the lad that can't rest contented
    He has a dollar but must have more
    He fills himself with pills to retire with a million
    And falls asleep at sixty-four

    Fair is fair and I've done my share
    My nerves are gettin' on my nerves
    If you don't have a pillow of the white swan's feather
    We'll do with a corner for my head

    Just a gentle warning for tomorrow morning
    No big noises near my room
    Cars with no exhausts, chickens with the whooping cough
    And milkmen that whistle out of tune

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1989:] I wrote this one while flying home from Canada (in a plane). The man beside me didn't want to talk to me for he was too busy thinking about a promotion or something that would bring him a big retirement pension, he said. I thought it would be a better idea to borrow some retirement time and enjoy a little bit of life while we're still alive. [...] Thanks to Toshi Seeger for adding a line to this one. (Notes Tommy Sands, 'Singing of the Times')

  • [1995:] We had a TV series for the BBC recently and invited Tommy Sands to guest on one of the shows. He sang this song and asked us to join in. It turned out that learning this one was easier than forgetting it, it has one of these catchy tunes that keep you awake at night so we admitted defeat and started singing it ourselves. (Notes McCalmans, 'Festival Lights')

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