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Don't Turn The Key

  • (Ian Walker)

    Don't turn the key, your life's for living
    Don't turn the key, put down your pride
    Don't turn the key, your time's for giving
    Don't turn the key, just turn aside

    The sun shone down on the morning
    As he drove out from the town
    Another day and a job to do
    Can't let it get him down
    But something pierced his heart that day
    The smell of earth and tree
    A feel for life he couldn't hold
    A longing to be free

    Ahead there stood a soldier
    Let him by with a rifle wave
    He cleared his name, drove through the rock
    Into a cold steel cave
    And he travelled down like some miner
    A mile below the ground
    But no mine this, just empty rooms
    Lights flashing all around

    With coffee cups the day dragged on
    The screens told him, All clear
    And his mind went back to days of old
    When they fought with bow and spear
    Then death came one to one
    You saw your enemy
    And he wondered who he's killing now
    With one hand on the key

    He struck the screen with an angry fist
    He left his post below
    And he walked into the sunshine
    Where he breathed the air so slow
    They'll say he's mad, a crazy man
    A traitor to the land
    But who's left now to turn the key
    Will it be your hand

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1987:] Jean Louis Cahu used to be a lieutenant in the French Air Force. He was in charge of one of two keys to the firing system of nuclear missiles. One day he walked out of his post, deep in the mountains of South East France, but was caught and charged with desertion. However, the State Prosecutor saluted his "honesty and courage". (Notes Ian Walker, 'Flying High')

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