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Don't Waste Ma Time

  • (Nancy Nicolson)

    You can waste ma money, waste ma booze
    Those are things that I can choose to lose
    Waste ma money, waste ma booze
    But don't waste ma time
    For I can make more money, buy more booze
    That's not what gives me the blues
    For I can make more money, buy more booze
    But I can't make more time

    I earn the greenbacks, save them too
    They hit your fingers, slip right through
    For money never sticks to you
    You never heard of banks
    And then you go and ask a fave
    Of Bill and Bob and Tom and Dave
    And I pay back the cash they gave
    And you receive the thanks

    Yes darling, if you get the blues
    A little booze is what to use
    But just remember whose is whose
    When you go back for more
    And then if you are feelin dry
    I'll tell you honey what to try
    Go where the ocean meets the sky
    And drink your way to shore

    Yes, time is money, so they say
    And if you take ma cash away
    Ah need more time to make more pay
    Time is money too
    So if you've used up all your dough
    Ah'll tell you darling where to go
    It's black and blazin' down below
    With fire and brimstone too

    As sung by The McCalmans

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1997:] This should be performed by a trad jazz band but we do our best. (Notes McCalmans, 'High Ground')

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