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Down Where The Drunkards Roll

  • (Words & music Richard Thompson)

    See the boys marching, the boys all look so fine
    Dressed up in green velvet, silver buckles shine
    Soon they will be starry-eyed under a can of wine
    Down where the drunkards roll

    See the lover standing, staring at the ground
    Searching for the real thing, lies were all he found
    You can get the real thing, it will only cost a pound
    Down where the drunkards roll

    See the troubled woman, she dreams a troubled dream
    She lives out on the highway, keeps her money clean
    Soon she'll be returning to the place where she's a queen
    Down where the drunkards roll

    You can be a gambler who never drew a hand
    You can be a sailor sailing on dry land
    You can be the Lord Jesus, all the world will understand
    Down where the drunkards roll

    As sung by Iain MacKintosh

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