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Dreg Song #1

  • (Trad)

    Fleemin's inkworks tae the gasworks
    Dodge her weel and fill her creel

    Jockie Lairdie's got a wee bairdie
    What they ca' the skipper o' the Row

    Maggie Miller has plenty siller
    She fell back and I fell till her

    Wattie Cochie lives in the row
    Betty Buckie carries the creel

    Mony a ship mony a boat
    Tell me a true note

    True note true song
    I've dreg'd ower lang

    Ower lang ower late
    Quo' the haddock tae the skate

    Quo' the skate tae the eel
    Cock na I ma tail weel

    As sung by Cilla Fisher

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1965:] One of the songs in Herd's collection is the Dreg Song: nonsense verses forming a lengthy version of the half-traditional, half-improvised rowing song of the oyster-fishers of the Firth of Forth. When they were out at sea, the fishers took compass bearings on landmarks along the coast:

    Fleemin's inkworks tae the gasworks
    Dodge your wheel and fill your creel-a
    Katie Bairdie's got a wee lairdie
    That they ca' the skipper o' the Row-a ...

    The 'New Statistical Account' (1845) tells us that 'long before dawn, in the bleakest season of the year, their dredging song may be heard afar off'. In the grey-shrouded mornings, a mile or two from the coast, the fishers could make out in the distance the huddled contour of Arthur's Seat, with the Newhaven lighthouse blinking nearby.

    There's an auld carle sits by the sea
    Wi' a white caun'le on his knee ...

    The oyster-fishing is over now, but the Dreg Song lives on; in Newhaven, Leith, Portobello, Fisherrow and Musselburgh, detached fragments of it are still spinning like tops among the bairns, in the singing street. (Henderson, Alias MacAlias 6)

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