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Drumchapel Mist

  • (Words & music Anon)

    Gallagher's famous home-made wine
    Will easily get you pissed
    If you wake up in the morning and you rue the day
    You drank Drumchapel Mist

    Brewed in the sun at Partick Cross
    Made of napage of fungus-mould
    Fermented underneath an unmade bed
    Drunk when it's nine months old

    Made from deadly nightshade and laced with dross
    Castor-oil added for taste
    If it trickles down your chin it'll singe your beard
    So don't let it go to waste

    A purple flush comes over your face
    And it spreads down to your jaw
    Your teeth play castanettes inside your mouth
    And your tongue comes down your nose

    Gallagher fled when he heard the news
    Of the damage that his wine had done
    He left behind some unfermented booze
    And we know 'cause we drank some

    As sung by The Wally Dugs

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1994:] Drumchapel [housing estate] was part of the City Fathers' destruction of Glasgow. Instead of renovating the old tenements in the heart of the city they decided to raze them to the ground. The tenements symbolized everything that was bad about Glasgow, except to the people who actually lived in them, but there has never been a politician who listened to the people anywhere. In the Fifties in Glasgow they bulldozed away our history and background, erecting high-rise monstrosities that the people neither wanted nor needed. They created council housing estates or 'schemes', that were no more than ghettoes to replace ghettoes. Two-thirds of Pollok, eight miles to the south-west of the city, was built after the War and then Easterhouse sprang up six miles to the east, Castlemilk, five miles to the south-east and Drumchapel six miles to the west. (Henderson, Finding Peggy 89)

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