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The Family of Man

  • Fred 'Karl' Dallas

    The family of Man keeps growing
    The family of Man keeps sowing
    The seeds of a new life every day

    I belong to a family, the biggest on the earth
    Ten thousand every day are coming to birth
    Our name isn't Davis, Hall, Groves, or Jones
    It's a name every man should be proud he owns

    I've got a sister in Melbourne, a brother in Paris
    The whole wide world is dad and mum to me
    Wherever you go you'll find my kin
    Whatever the creed or the colour of the skin

    The miner in the Rhondda, the coolie in Peking
    The men across the ocean who plough, reap and spin
    They've got a life and others to share it
    So let's bridge the oceans and declare

    From the North Pole ice to the snow at the other
    There is not a man I wouldn't call brother
    But there isn't much time, I've had my fill
    Of the men of war who intend to kill

    Some people say the world's a horrible place
    But it's just as good or bad as the human race
    Dirt and misery or health and joy
    Man can build or can destroy

    (as sung by The Spinners)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1966:] Based on the 'Picture Post' exhibition of the same name, mounted at London's Festival Hall in 1956. A song that says a great deal about why the Spinners sing together. (Notes 'Spotlight On The Spinners')

    [1983:] Mick [Groves], short, nippy, the silver fox of [The Spinners]; Hugh [Jones], bubbling, bouncy, energetic; Cliff [Hall], more languid, relaxed, serene; and Tony [Davis], their tower of strength, the whistling Pied Piper. (David Stuckey, The Spinners)

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