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The Fanad Mare

  • Trad

    You Donegal heroes, wherever you be
    Come now, pay attention and listen to me
    Till I sing a few verses your spirits to cheer
    Concerning brave Freeland, the sweet Fanad mare

    From the town of Downpatrick and that to Moville
    They sported their colours and that with great skill
    From that race course in Derry and that to Kildare
    There was twenty to one on the sweet Fanad mare

    When they came to the race track bold Freel he did say
    Come on, noble jockey, and show us fair play
    Just give her her head like you did once before
    And she'll bring back the prizes to Fanad once more

    Well, the moment arrived and great joy filled each heart
    McCarron got mounted and away they did start
    The shouts of the people they rang through the air
    For she won by a head did the sweet Fanad mare

    When the races were over each one did agree
    To go to Ramelton to have a big spree
    Both lads and gay lasses had liquor so rare
    And we drank to brave Freeland, the sweet Fanad mare

    (as sung by Kevin Mitchell)

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