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Faraway Tom

  • (Dave Goulder)

    When the calendar brings in the cuckoo
    And the summer comes following on
    And the thin mists of day see him running away
    And they know him as Faraway Tom

    The earth his bed and his pillow
    And the sheets are the clothes he has on
    He spends all afternoon hunting the moon
    Till it rises for Faraway Tom

    He sees the fox leaving its hollow
    And he knows where the badger is gone
    He watches the fawn in the sheltering thorn
    But they don't see old Faraway Tom

    He knows nothing of letters or learning
    And of manners and such he has none
    He numbers the seasons on fingers and toes
    As they pass over Faraway Tom

    But what of the winters to follow
    Where age and cauld winds bring him down
    Where will he lie when the snow fills the sky
    And the year's turning, Faraway Tom

    As sung by Jean Redpath

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