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Far down the line

  • Nick Keir

    Now you're waiting on the London train
    And it won't be long before you leave it all behind
    There's no pipe band playing Will Ye No Come Back Again
    Far down the line, far down the line

    You'll drink a last pint up in Leslie's on the way
    They say the beer will taste more bitter from today
    You'll take a long look at the skyline from the bridge
    And watch the morning sun explore the Old Town's ridge
    You've heard it all, you've said it all, it's time to go
    You'll find a better life in England, sure you know
    You had to smile when old friends sadly shook their heads
    Come on, it's no the moon I'm going to, you said

    It's no for long, you'll make your money and return
    But in the morning light you watch the Tweed bridge burn
    You dream the South will bring you all the things you lack
    And you can scarcely hear the land that calls you back
    And when the team in blue run out you'll raise a cheer
    You can sing The Flower of Scotland once a year
    Though you promised that you'd always keep in touch
    But you were never one for letters very much

    And will you hang around the pubs of Camden Town
    Will you let them call you Jock, the tartan clown
    When you're drunk at Hogmanay will you believe
    That you still mourn the land you were so keen to leave
    And there are thousands, many thousands of your kind
    Perth and Stornoway and Kirkwall left behind
    When they ask you why you took the long road south
    You'll say you had no choice, there's no one left there now

    Repeat 1

    (as sung by The McCalmans)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1995:] There is a saying that Scotland's greatest export is people. Nowadays the reasons for emigration are less sinister than they were and the prospect of a job down south is enough to make many pack their bags. They can't be blamed for that but we can suggest that Scotland is still the best place and that they might be making an irreversible mistake.
    (Notes McCalmans, 'Festival Lights')

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