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The Fenians From Cahirciveen

  • Trad

    I am a bold Fenian from Cahirciveen
    That late took my gun for to fight for the Green
    Over mountains and woodlands I wandered along
    Now I'll leave it alone and commence on my song
    We marched to Kells station that lies near the strand
    Where the sea rushes in with wild waves through the land
    And then you may say we had courage go leor (go leor - plenty)
    When Kells station was taken by the boys from Kylemore

    We marched all along and our guns we did load
    We then met a policeman, on horseback he rode
    We asked him to surrender but the answer was, No
    And a ball from young Conway soon levelled him low
    Again we marched on and our guns did reload
    We met Father Meegan and for him we bowed
    He gave us his blessing saying, God be your friend
    On the mission for Freedom on which you are bent

    Come shoulder your arms, come march and obey
    For alas! we were beaten all on the next day
    Our plans were found out by some dirty old spy
    And on Captain Moriarty they did cast an eye
    Moriarty came in on the mail car next day
    To get all our brave boys for to join in the fray
    To our greatest surprise he was marched off to jail
    And he left us in sorrow our loss to bewail

    And it's over the mountains we then took our course
    Our stomachs being slack and our feet being sore
    We were in our number about sixty strong
    Surrounded by redcoats for something went wrong
    So hurrah for the Fenians from Cahirciveen
    No bolder, no finer in Erin was seen
    No braver battalion did fight for the Green
    Than the true-hearted Fenians from Cahirciveen

    (as sung by The Johnstons)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1968:] A sketchy and rather incomplete account of an abortive local uprising against the occupying British forces in Cahirciveen in West Kerry. The rather incongruous reason why the Redcoats triumphed was because "something went wrong". We heard this sung by the well-known Ceolteoiri Cualann singer Sean O Se. (Notes Johnstons, 'The Barley Corn')

  • [1974:] Die 'Fenians' waren in der zweiten Hälfte des 19. Jahrhunderts ein Geheimbund von Iren (in Irland, Amerika und England), der die Befreiung ihres Landes von der englischen Herrschaft erstrebte. (Manfred Bonson, notes 'Irish Folk Scene')

  • [1977:] galore, adv, In abundance (whisky galore) [f. Ir. go leór, to sufficiency] (Fowler/Fowler/Sykes (eds.), Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English 435)

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    The Fenians of Cahirciveen

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