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Footba' Referee

  • Matt McGinn

    Why did I ever become a footba' referee
    I coulda been an engineer or a sailor on the sea
    Whenever there is a fault to find they always pick on me
    Why did I ever become a footba' referee

    I used tae play at center half when I was very young
    And sticking out for fair play I never could hold my tongue
    The men at the top were watching and they quickly spotted me
    They said, Now there is a decent man we'll make him a referee

    When first I took my whistle out I did feel very proud
    I played it like a fluter and I smiled at all the crowd
    I gave them two decisions then I heard a terrible boo
    For fifty thousand voices roared, Coconuts to you

    When Rangers played the Celtic I was stuck oot on the field
    I'd only been there a minute or two when the crowd began to squeal
    The half o' them said, He's a Fenian wi' a heart to Ireland
    The others said, He's a blue-nose and he's had the shake o' the hand

    The game had run on half an hour when two began tae fight
    I tried tae separate them and tae tell them who was right
    They bashed me and they battered me and they left me nearly lame
    The crowd all roared, Go bury him and let's get on wi' the game

    They brought me o'er to Italy as a very honoured guest
    Between Milan and Roma I did my level best
    But the crowd they didnae fancy me I could tell by the way they squealed
    They'd to bring a helicopter in to get me aff a' the field

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1971:] The worst ever disaster in football took place in Lima, Peru, in 1964, when the referee disallowed a goal in a match between Peru and Argentina. The crowd rioted, the police used tear gas, and in a stampede to get out 300 fans lost their lives and over 500 were injured. (Donald Bruce, Daily Record, 4 Jan)

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