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For all the good people

  • Ken Hicks

    This is a song for all the good people
    All the good people I've known in my life
    This is a song for all the good people
    The people I'm thanking my stars for tonight

    This is a song for all my companions
    Who knew what I needed was something they had
    Food on the table, a heart that was able
    Able to keep me just this side of sad

    This is a song for all the good travellers
    Who passed through my life as they moved along
    The ramblers, the thinkers, the just-one-more drinkers
    Each took the time to sing me a song

    And this is a song for all the good singers
    The songs and the music, the jokes good and bad
    We sang in the kitchen, had no competition
    Each knowing the other was a good friend to have

    Some helped in small ways, some helped me always
    Some cheered me on when I ran out of fight
    Many a dear friend, though a one-time-a-year friend
    I know they would come if I called them tonight

    (Occasional extra verse)
    This is a verse for all of those people
    All of those people who screwed up my life
    Some by intention, some by invention
    Some I can't mention because of my wife

    (as sung by Iain MacKintosh)

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