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For The Special Friends

  • (Iain C. MacKintosh)

    But it's not the towns I've been to that make my life so fine
    It's not the beer, the whisky, or the wine
    The towns are just the places where I go to meet my friends
    So this song's for the special friends of mine

    If I tried to write a song about the sings I've seen and done
    And the places I've been to on the way
    I would need another beer and I would need another year
    To tell you all about those yesterdays

    For those friends who make me welcome when I come into their home
    And home is where I lay my banjo down
    Say, Hello Iain, glad you're here, have some wine or have some beer
    Sit down, take off your shoes and stay around

    We'll maybe sing a song or two, but just if that's the mood
    Or talk of other friends in days gone by
    Of those happy times, the sad times, the bad times and the good
    And before we say goodnight, the bottle's dry

    I maybe wake up in the morning with an idea for a song
    So I put some lines together as I drive
    About how good it was to see you open up the door
    And how difficult it is to say goodbye

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