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Foxy Devil

  • Joe Dolan

    You're the foxy devil when you like
    You set my mind at ease and then you strike
    You set my head a-reeling
    You make me shout and sing
    My memory frees I get no ease
    Till I have a little drink

    When I was young and handy in my prime
    In taverns I would sit and bide my time
    It's there I met your company
    I'd sit and drink my fill
    It's there that you took hold of me
    I think you've got me still

    You're the crafty rogue and that's for sure
    For your company there is no cure
    I've squandered all my money
    And the best years of my life
    All on your charms, in spite of harm
    In spite of peace and strife

    Whiskey in the morning or at night
    Gives strength to sing and dance, to love and fight
    And so despite misfortune
    I'll take you as you are
    The best of friends and enemies
    The best I've known by far

    (as sung by Christy Moore)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1978:] A hymn to the celtic representative of Bacchus - written in appeasement on a summer's morning when threatened with the dreaded head-staggers. The term 'Foxy Devil' is apparently an old one conceived no doubt by some other unfortunate who had felt the iron behind the velvet. (Joe Dolan, notes Christy Moore, 'The Iron Behind the Velvet')

  • [1984:] [This is] about the hardships of constant whiskey indulgence. (Christy Moore Song Book 63)

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