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Friends Of Mine

  • (Harvey Andrews)

    And they heard our music and they sang our songs
    And they gave us food and wine
    And I've got to get you over here
    To meet these friends of mine

    In an old hotel in Germany
    I'm thinking all the while of you
    And I'm wishing I was on the plane back home right now
    Everybody I meet they send their love
    And they've been so good to me
    That I'll never have the words to let them know just how

    We travelled on down through Amsterdam
    And the plains of the open land
    To the lonely men who asked what news we had
    And we sang to them of the open road
    Of the city and the town
    And we gave them all the views both good and bad

    So here's another picture
    And here's another word
    Just to tell you it's your loving keeps me sane
    And I know you'll cry when I hold you close
    And I know that I'll be glad
    And I'll never stay away from you this long again

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