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(Bonnie Lass o') Gala Water

  • (Trad)
  • Bonnie lass o' Gala Water
    Braw braw lass o' Gala Water
    I would range the mountains sae deep
    Wi' you bonnie lass o' Gala Water

    Sae fair her hair, sae brent her brow
    Sae bonnie blue her een and cheerie
    Oh I would go the length o' the Isle
    Tae get back home wi' my dearie

    O'er yonder moor, o'er yonder mountain
    O'er yon bonnie hills taegither
    O I would range the mountains o' time
    My own bonnie lass tae forgather

    Lords and lairds came here tae woo
    And gentlemen wi' sword and dagger
    But the black eyed lass o' Galashiels
    Would hae nane but the gree o' Gala Water

    (as sung by The McCalmans)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1978:] The Gala river rises in mid-Lothian and runs south joining the Tweed about four miles above Melrose. This song is known in various forms, the most popular being the version written by Burns in 1793. Earlier versions were published however by Herd and Robert Chambers [...]. We sing the song at a faster pace than is normal but we felt that the quicker tempo was more in keeping with these earlier lyrics. (Notes Ossian, 'St. Kilda Wedding')

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