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Gammel Dansk

  • (Connie Kaldor)

    Dansk, Dansk, Dansk, Gammel Dansk
    It can't be found in Italy, it can't be found in France
    If you want a taste of Scancinavian romance
    Have a shot of Gammel Dansk

    If you ever go to Denmark you must have a drink or two
    With bread and sild it is the Danish way
    And although Danish beer is famous and very rightly so
    There's a little drink that's guaranteed to take your breath away

    Now the famous Danish Viking was a very hardy soul
    He sailed in open boats across the sea
    But it wasn't love or women that kept his toes from freezing
    But a famous herbal Danish recipe

    If there's anything that ails you, just put it to the test
    You can rub it on sore muscles, it will put hair on your chest
    It can cure the common cold, it can make the blind man see
    It makes roses grow in winter, it can bring you to your knees
    It can make the birdie sing, it can make the piggy squeal
    And a little bit behind each ear will give you sex appeal

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