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The Gaugers

  • (Trad)

    Hi tum a doo, hi tum a daddy o
    Hi tum a doo tum a daddy o

    O come a' ye Kincardine lads an' come awa' wi' me
    An' we'll awa' tae Sandy's still an' drink the barley bree

    Last night I dreamed a dreamy dream, I dreamed it yince afore
    I dreamed that oor guidman was chased by the gaugers frae Dunmore
    Noo Willie rode his auld grey mare, he rode till the break o' day
    Cryin', Lassie lassie guar' yersel' fir there's gaugers on the way

    The gaugers cam intae the hoose, they gaed right up the stair
    They gaed intae the faither's room an' they foond the bottles there

    They pu'd the blankets frae the bed, they trailed them on the flair
    Till Maggie she cam runnin' ben sayin', Ye buggers heid fir the door

    The gaugers they hae ta'en the road that leads back tae Dunmore
    When Sandy got the bottles oot sayin', Mak' a barrel more

    Noo Willie Callum made the lum, he made it stoot an' strang
    That it wid stand the wear an' tear an' mak' the double strang

    Repeat 1

    (as sung by Cilla Fisher & Artie Trezise)

  • (gaugers - alcohol control police, customs men)
    (lum - chimney)

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