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Glasgow Farewell

  • (Danny Kyle)

    Fare ye weel Glasgow I must leave
    Your technicolour balloons floating in a patch of oil
    Fare ye weel Glasgow I must go
    My ship is sailing down the river from the Broomielaw

    Fareweel tae ye ma ain dear lass
    You looked sae small as we sailed away
    Don't cry young lass, the days will pass
    And I'll send for you someday

    The swan-neckled crans on the river stand
    And they bow their heads tae me
    The city lights soon fade from sight
    And their glow becomes a memory

    The ship rides down past Greenock town
    That's where once I used to toil
    But times were hard in that old shipyard
    So I'm off tae American soil

    Fareweel tae ye my native land
    Please don't think too badly of me
    As your shoreline sinks at the Tail o' the bank
    I'll just turn my back and face the sea

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1998:] Scotland's greatest export is people. Here is a tale of a man leaving home and watching his old world disappearing. I wrote this song for my sisters Anne, Jessie and Margaret, now living happily in America. (Notes Danny Kyle, 'Heroes and Soft Targets')

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