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Glory Bound

  • (James Keelaghan)

    Johnny Mack lived near Maple Creek, he was long and lean and tough
    A level head and a steady hand, and a wizard with the puck
    And once across the blue line, oh, he'd never let you down
    You could tell by the look in his coal black eyes that boy was glory bound

    He could bring the home town to its feet with a goal in overtime
    The scouts had pegged him sure enough, it was just a matter of time
    If there was any justice in this world he'd be picked in the second round
    'Cause he had the goods, there was no denying that boy was glory bound

    One afternoon before a game I stopped by Johnny's place
    With my father's car and a feeling in my heart that night we'd take first place
    But there was something that he'd left behind, he'd fetch it back in town
    I never dreamt it at the time that fate would strike him down

    Oh, we phoned the Mounties when he didn't show
    They found him in a ditch between here and Shaunavon
    Roof caved in and it's fifty below
    Sirens wail, and the blizzard blows

    Johnny died young but I grew old, and it's since that time I've come to think
    When I see his name engraved on trophies or his picture in a case in the Kinsmen's rink
    He somehow slipped the bonds of time, he's gained himself renown
    And I've started on that slow slide back, but he's forever glory bound

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1993:] Of a hockey star who died tragically.
    ... Now you will not swell the rout
    Of lads that wore their honor out
    Runners whom renown outran
    And the name died before the man
    (A.E.Housman, To an Athlete Dying Young) (Notes James Keelaghan, 'My Skies')

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