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The Good-Looking Widow

  • (L. Cheyne)

    I ken I'm good-lookin' an' handsome an' braw
    And though I'm a widow that's nothin' at a'
    And if some bonnie laddie will tak' me awa
    Then I'll be his bride in the mornin'

    I'm a good-lookin' widow, nae wonder ye stare
    I've had three men already, as sure as you're there
    And it's nae for anither my heart'll be sair
    For I'll get anither ae mornin'

    The first man I had was a baker tae trade
    He was a loafer, and very low-bred
    Fond o' me but mair fond o' his bed
    So I got anither ae mornin'

    The second man I had was a tailor tae trade
    He was a dab-hand wi' needle an' thread
    He'd a wart on his neck whaur his collar gaed on
    That he used for a stud in the mornin'

    The third man I had was a fella ca'd Sam
    He was a good man but he lik d a dram
    Sae oor married life didnae last awf'y lang
    And I got anither ae mornin'

    (as sung by Cilla Fisher & Artie Trezise)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [2001:] The song [...] is a cheerful tale of serial marital mayhem with its roots in the music hall tradition. Anne learned it from the singing of Janet Weatherston of Edinburgh. (Notes 'Scots Women')

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