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Good Night and Joy

  • (James Hogg)

    The year is wearing to the wane
    And day is fading west awa'
    Loud raves the torrent and the rain
    And dark the cloud comes down the shaw
    But let the tempest tout and blaw
    Upon his loudest winter's horn
    Good night, and joy be wi' you a'
    We'll maybe meet again the morn

    O we hae wandered far and wide
    O'er Scotia's hills, o'er firth and fell
    And mony a simple flower we've culled
    And trimmed them wi' the heather-bell
    We've ranged the dingle and the dell
    The hamlet and the baron's ha'
    Now let us take a kind farewell
    Good night, and joy be wi' you a'

    Though I was wayward, you were kind
    And sorrow'd when I went astray
    For O, my strains were often wild
    As winds upon a winter's day
    If e'er I led you from the way
    Forgi'e your Minstrel aince for a'
    A tear fa's wi' his parting lay
    Good night, and joy be wi' you a'

    (as sung by The McCalmans)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1970:] Born in Ettrick Forest, [James Hogg (1770-1835)] spent his early days as a shepherd, but he was discovered by Scott while collecting material for his 'Border Minstrelsy', and taken under that ample wing. He had almost no formal education, [...] but he soon became famous among the famous of his time - helped by his magnificent personality. He farmed most of his life and left a variety of notable works [...]. (Penguin Book of Scottish Verse 15f)

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