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Gosforth's Fair Demesne

  • (Trad)

    Ye tender lovers, one and all, I pray you lend an ear
    To simple tale of stirring love I mean to let you hear
    And the names of those of whom I speak to you I will not tell
    For all around sweet Markethill most people know them well

    It being on a cool September eve, the corn was golden crowned
    A gentle breeze roused through the trees, a dim glow all around
    And it was the maiden fair who spoke as she clasped her true love's hand
    And in an instant she cried out, Alas, I understand

    That you're in love with another fair maid, prettier far than I
    And so the love shines brilliant, shines brilliant in your eye
    And it's oh! to think that you'd be false, that you'd bedim my eye
    And with a parting kiss, alas! to you I'll say goodbye

    Oh stay, oh stay, the young man cried, From you I will not go
    You say I love another lass, I vow that isn't so
    For had I Gosforth's castle fair and all the lands in view
    From Mullybrack unto Richhill, there's none I'd wed but you

    And he threw his arms around her neck and kissed her tenderly
    And a cloud above fair Gosforth's heights no longer could I see
    And I turned my steps towards Richhill and I sang that sweet refrain
    Of the pair I left in fond embrace near Gosforth's fair demesne

    As sung by Kevin Mitchell

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