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The Granemore Hare

  • (Owen McMahon)

    On last Saturday morning our horns they did blow
    To the green fields round Tassagh our huntsmen did go
    To meet the bold sportsmen from round Keady town
    None loved the sport better than the boys from Maydown

    And when we arrived they were all standing there
    So we took to the green fields in search of a hare
    We didn't go far when up went a cheer
    Over high hills and valleys this wee puss did steer

    With our dogs all abreast and that big mountain hare
    And the sweet charming music it rang through the air
    Straight for the black bank for to try them once more
    And it was her last sight of the hills round Granemore

    And as we led on where this wee puss did lie
    She sprang to her feet for to bid them goodbye
    Their music did cease and her cry we could hear
    Saying, Bad luck to the ones brought you Maydown dogs here

    Last night as I lay content in the glen
    It's little I thought of dogs or of men
    And when going home at the clear break of day
    I could hear the long horn that young Toner does play

    I blame McMahon for bringing Coyle here
    He's been at the same caper for many's a year
    Every Saturday and Sunday he never gives o'er
    With a pack of strange dogs round the hills of Granemore

    And now that I'm dying the sport is all done
    No more through the green fields round Keady I'll run
    Or sport in the glen on a long summer's night
    Or go home to my den when it's breaking daylight

    (as sung by Kevin Mitchell)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1977:] Among my hates are the songs which glorify that noxious "sport", hunting. This is one from the point of view of the victim. I learned it from the singing of Tom Sands of Newry, Co. Down, Ireland. (Notes Dick Gaughan, 'Kist o' Gold')

  • [1996:] Written by Owen McMahon of Tassagh, County Armagh. This is a song Adam McNaughtan wished he could sing but he had enough sense to lend his record of the Irish Country Four to Kevin instead. (Notes Kevin Mitchell, 'I Sang That Sweet Refrain')

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