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Granny Fraser's Flittin'

  • (Trad)

    It was on a Monday mornin', fu' weel I mind the scene
    When Granny Fraser flitted frae Aboyne tae Aberdeen
    The village folk they a' turned oot tae see her on the road
    The horse it couldnae pu' the cairt, ye should have seen the load

    There was airmchairs, bath-chairs, rockin' chairs as weel
    Cradles, ladles, a pun' o' fish for meal
    There was woollen shawls, mothballs, jeely pans and jaurs
    An' Grandpa near fell aff the top wi' Granny's chest o' drawers
    There was wee pots, teapots, a pair o' wally dugs
    Big pots, flooer pots, Granny's cheeny jugs
    There was stew-pots, what-nots, ye ken the kind I mean
    At Granny Fraser's flittin' frae Aboyne tae Aberdeen

    Noo John MacNab the policeman, he cried for volunteers
    It was the first time he had ta'en his jaiket aff in years
    Tae get the dunkey movin' every man did play his pairt
    They jist got hauf-way up the street when a wheel fell aff the cairt

    An' there was face-towels, auld bowls litterin' the street
    Claes props, alarm clocks a' roon' aboot yer feet
    There was golf clubs, washtubs litterin' the lane
    An' Grandpa's Ne'erday bottle it was runnin' doon the drain
    There was fur coats, porridge oats mixed up wi' the glaur
    A big spear, souvenir fae the Zulu war
    There was antique tight breeks o' Eighteen-seventeen
    At Granny Fraser's flittin' frae Aboyne tae Aberdeen

    Noo Geordie Broon the blacksmith, he weighed near twenty stone
    He lifted up the cairt hissel' an' put the wheel back on
    He got the load securely tied amid the scoffs an' jeers
    An' as the lorry left the street he got three rousin' cheers

    An' there was old spats, tile hats, some things I couldnae say
    Tin trays, auld claes she wouldna throw away
    There was floor mats, corn grub mixed up wi' the rest
    An' bottles of some nippy stuff my granny liked the best
    There was lawn-mowers, plus-fours tied on wi' a rope
    An' a big flag some wag tied tae the top
    On the tail-board, encored, lookin' like the Queen
    Was Granny Fraser flittin' on the road tae Aberdeen

    (as sung by Iain MacKintosh)

  • flittin' - moving house;
    wally dugs - porcelain dogs;
    cheeny - china, porcelain;
    claes prop - clothes stand;
    Ne'erday - New Year's Day;
    nippy - fresh, revivifying

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