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The Grimsby Lads

  • (John Conolly)

    Here's to the Grimsby lads out on the trawling
    All the night long on the billowing deep
    Shooting their nets with their heaving and hauling
    All the night long while the landsmen do sleep

    They leave in the cold and the grey of the morning
    Leaving their wives and families behind
    They're following the fishes fulfilling their wishes
    Charts are all ready the shoals for to find

    They head away north where they know will be waiting
    Frost and black ice and the lash of the gale
    They're trawling and hoping and anticipating
    A ship home port full and safely to sail

    From Scotland's grey shores to the cold coast of Greenland
    White Seas and Faroes they're making their way
    Through Dogger and Fortys and stormy Bear Island
    Eighteen long hours is the fisherman's day

    The nets are all in and the catch lies a-gleaming
    There's cutting and cleaning and gutting below
    Thirteen more hours then home we'll be sailing
    With a ship home port full and safely we'll go

    (as sung by Finbar & Eddie Furey)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1976:] Learned from Gibb Todd at singing sessions in the 'Old Dyers Arms' in Coventry. (Notes Finbar & Eddie Furey, 'The Farewell Album')

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