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Green Island 2

  • (Jimmy Crowley)

    What a legacy, such a tragedy
    Thousands are sailing, goodbye
    The land of the eagle is calling
    As we bid the Green Island goodbye

    Nobody knows the answers and the dark clouds keep rolling each day
    Casting a shadow upon us from Antrim to sweet Bantry Bay
    In their droves all the people are leaving, sure 'tis worse than the black forty four
    When they sailed away over the ocean with their dreams and their humble sea stores

    And it's only six hours to Boston, and if you serve your time on the plane
    In no time at all you're a chippy, as good as the rest at the game
    In Sally O'Brien's we'll be dancing but we'll go back some day maybe when
    The blue moon it hangs over Dublin and the river runs up Spancil Hill

    Is this a good time to remember the brave men and women who died
    Whose vision is misrepresented by traitors who turn with the tide
    Who dish out the perks and the pensions while the Big Fellow turns in his grave
    To see the bright diamonds and jewels cast on the cold crest of a wave

    Final chorus:
    What a legacy, such a tragedy
    Thousands are sailing, goodbye
    One last longing look cast behind them
    As we bid the Green Island goodbye

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1998:] I wrote this emigration song in New York in the early eighties as tens of thousands of well educated young Irish people headed for America in search of work. The antipathy of the Irish government squeezed the song out of me. (Jimmy Crowley, notes 'Uncorked!')

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