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The Hare's Dream

  • (Trad)

    To my hark, tally ho!
    Hark over yon brow
    She's over, cry the huntsmen
    See yonder she'll go

    On the twentieth of January and in the seventieth year
    The morning being beautiful, charming, bright and clear
    I being disturbed by dreams as I lay in my den
    I dreamed of heathery mountain, high rock and low glen

    As I sat in my form for to view the plains round
    I being trembling and shaking for fear of the hounds
    And seeing no danger appearing to me
    I quickly walked up to the top of the Sligue

    They hunted me up and they hunted me down
    At the loop of the burn they did me surround
    When up come the huntsman to end all the strife
    He says, Leave the hare down and give her play for her life

    Bad luck to all sportsmen, to Bowman and Ringwood
    They sprinkled the plain with my innocent blood
    They let Reynard go free, that cunning old fox
    That ate up all the chickens, fat hens and game cocks

    Yes now I'm for dying but I know not the crime
    To the value of sixpence I ne'er wronged mankind
    I never was given to rob or to steal
    All the harm that I ever done was crop the heads of green kale

    As sung by Martin Carthy

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1994:] A traditional Boxing Day activity is the Hunt. Here Christy [O'Leary] sings of hunting the hare, in a song from the Sam Henry Collection from Ulster. The song is unusual in being from the hare's point of view, expressing his thoughts on being close to being ripped apart by a pack of dogs. Christy learned the song from his brother Tim, who also contributed the idea for the arrangement. (Notes Boys of the Lough, 'Midwinter Night's Dream')

  • [2001:] The song, Bob Hudson notes, is found in John Moulden's Songs of the People which is a collection of Ulster folk songs from the Sam Henry Collection. ( Garry Gillard, Reinhard Zierke)

Quelle: Ireland

Note: If you happen to know where a recording of this song can be found, please mail me contact us! Susanne only has a tape recording of it, without info which album it came from.

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