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Has Annie Been In

  • (Tom Paxton)

    Has Annie been in tonight
    Have you seen Annie at all
    Annie and I had a fight
    And she took off down the hall
    If I don't find her soon
    She won't be back for days
    She says that I'm half crazy and she's right
    And say, has Annie been in tonight

    Did Annie drop in for a beer
    Or was she into the gin
    Ah, tell me if she was here
    What kind of a mood was she in
    If she was angry still
    I don't have a hope in the hell
    I don't have a story to tell that's bright
    And say, has Annie been in tonight

    She loves to live this way
    It's Annie's favorite game
    Has she been here today
    And did she mention my name

    Did Annie pop in to say Hi
    Or did she stay for a while
    Was she jumping with that other guy
    The one with the glistening smile
    Was she hanging on to his arm
    And was she laughing out loud
    Did I tell you I'm too proud to fight
    And say, has Annie been in tonight

    Did Annie look happy or sad
    Was there a look in her eye
    Was her expression good or bad
    And was she telling her lies
    Did she tell you that she left me
    Or that I'd thrown her out
    It's beyond a doubt she'd be right
    And say, has Annie been in tonight

    Repeat 3

    Repeat 1

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