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Hearts On Fire

  • (Frank Hennessy)

    With hearts on fire, hearts on fire
    Hearts on fire burning bright

    All around the world our young men, having songs of freedom sung them
    And every dog of war will have his day
    And the pride of all the nations, standing at their stations
    Smiling as they wave their lives away

    In the land of Davy Crockett they built themselves a rocket
    That they say will bring a new way some day soon
    While in Africa they're crying, for the want of food they're dying
    While others walk around upon the moon

    In a blind deserted alley in the broken Rhondda Valley
    A man was sadly searching for his soul
    And his eyes are unforgiving, when they took away his living
    His pride was buried deep beneath the coal

    As the Belfast evening thunders the Lord looks down and wonders
    Will my children ever live as one
    From the church he hears them calling as his bitter tears are falling
    For this, he said, I gave my only son

    (as sung by Dave Burns)

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