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The Heavenly Shore

  • (Trad)

    I went into a restaurant as hungry as a bear
    And like a raving maniac I grabbed the bill of fare
    The waiter said, What will you have? Give me a steak, I cried
    He took the order, bowed his head, and slowly walked away

    And he never came back, he never came back
    Though I waited an hour or more
    His face I will break, if he don't bring that steak
    When we meet on that heavenly shore

    A country boy from off the farm came in to see a town
    He registered at Smith's Hotel as Mr. Jackson Brown
    A country boy, we all admit, with whiskers green as grass
    Pulled off his shoes, jumped into bed, and then blew out the gas

    And he never came back, he never came back
    And as they broke down the door
    The last words he said just before he dropped dead
    Was, We'll meet on the heavenly shore

    I went into a circus show, I took my mother-in-law
    She laughed at everything she saw till she nearly broke her jaw
    Nearby I saw a big balloon which proved to be my friend
    I threw her in, I cut the rope, and up she did ascend

    And she never came back, she never came back
    Though we waited a twelvemonth or more
    And there's one thing I know, I will go down below
    If we meet on the heavenly shore

    (as sung by Alex Campbell)

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